Drolz, Joseph
Mr. Drolz is starting his 40th year working in the Power Generation Industry. He joined GE in 1974 as a Field Service Engineer and worked in several roles on Steam and Gas Turbines. In 1979 he joined Detroit Edison where he was the utility Turbine Start Up Engineer on the 800 MW Greenwood plant. In 1982 he was Supervisor of Plant Start Up for the 1300 MW Belle River Power Plant and progressed through several plant roles to the Maintenance Manager position. He had the opportunity to lead several recovery efforts on the 1100 MW Fermi 2 catastrophic turbine failure in 1994. He was the Manager of the Fossil Mechanical Engineering Group where he was responsible for 11000 MWs of Turbine, Pump, Boiler and HP Piping systems. He lead design specification for the modernization of the Fermi steam path and contributed to MSR and Feedwater heater systems. He finished his career at Detroit Edison as the Manager of Fossil Reliability where he was responsible for enhancing GE, Siemens-Westinghouse and Allis-Chalmer turbine reliability. In this role he also led the EPRI Boiler Tube Reduction Task force for the fleet. In 2010 Joe retired early from Detroit Edison. He has worked for HPC since 2010 as a trainer on Turbine Generator Start Up & Maintenance, Power Plant Maintenance and has been a Subject Matter Expert, third party independent consultant on Nuclear projects. He enjoys equipment & personnel challenges while finding solutions that help the owners. Joe is a contributor to the IGTC Generator and Steam Turbine Forums.

Whitaker, Kirk
Kirk brings over 33 years of hands on experience and specializes in generator testing, inspection, and commissioning, generator seal oil, gas control, stator cooling, protective relaying, excitation, high potential testing, new unit start up and forced outage support of turbine generator equipment. During his 33 year career, he spent 15 years as a GE generator specialist/excitation engineer followed by having diverse hands on experience as a critical fleet team member of Florida Power and Light where he supported their fleet needs for excitation and generators, then as an electrical commissioning engineer for both Duke/Fluor Daniel and South Carolina Electric and Gas and as the startup engineer for Georgia Power at both Plant Vogtle and Plant Hatch. Kirk is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Zheming Tang
Mr. Tang specializes in gas and steam turbine operation, maintenance and installation support. Zheming has over 20 years' experience in turbine controls, outage planning and execution, as power plant engineer, GE field engineer, GE contract performance manager and independent consultant. Zheming has also instructed some GE Mark V to VIe control system training courses and holds a Professional Engineers License for Alberta. Zheming resides near Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Morel, Jorge
Mr. Morel has 25+ years of experience as a senior engineer with GE Power Systems, maintaining gas and steam turbine control systems. His has a vast amount experience in commissioning and starting Combined Cycle and Fossil units. Additionally, Mr. Morel has helped organize and teach numerous courses on turbine control and BOP maintenance worldwide.

Gilleland, Randy
Mr. Gilleland recently retired from a Texas utility after nearly 36 years of service. During his employment he filled positions ranging from Auxiliary Operator, Control Operator, Lead Operator, Training Manager, Transmission Superintendent, Operations Superintendent, Production Superintendent, and Plant Manager. His experience relates to operating and maintaining lignite, coal, and natural gas burning boilers providing steam energy to General Electric and Hitachi turbines. Other experience includes extensive root cause analysis, developing and providing a wide range of skilled training to power plant personnel, simulator training, and writing detailed power plant operating procedures and instructions. Randy resides in Texas.

Bosler, Drake
Drake brings 35 years experience with Westinghouse in the utility power generation industry (both fossil and nuclear) in various engineering and management positions.  In the past 10 years he focused on meeting client needs in turbine controls support and retrofit for both Westinghouse and other OEM units.  Prior to that he managed several different areas in the I&C field (now Emerson Process Management) including field service.  In his earlier years with Westinghouse, Drake had provided extensive field start-up and support services.  BSEE Brown University.  Currently resides near Pittsburgh PA.

Bresney, Mike, President AGT Services Inc., Amsterdam NY
Mike is co-owner and co-founder of AGT Services, a company specializing in large generator repair, in the late 1990’s.  Mike has 25 years experience in repair and troubleshooting of large generators.  This 25 years has been spent as an engineer in the Generator Availability Engineering Group with GE in Schenectady, NY, nuclear engineering, and servicing the after-market.  AGT Services website is www.agtservices.com.  Mike co-instructs our Advanced Generator Maintenance Seminar, now held annually in January at a Sarasota FL location.

Whisnant, Michael
Mr. Whisnant's career in the power industry began in May 1970.  Being assigned as the lead tech for the EHC along with all of the support systems for the turbine gave Mike the opportunity to not only learn the EHC System but to master the system during his 31 years with Duke.  Mike's first opportunity to teach the EHC Mark 1 came in January 1979.  Realizing that he enjoyed the role of a standup instructor, he joined the training team at Oconee.  During his time in training, he developed numerous system classes that were created on the "how".  In other words, even though a well-qualified technician needs to know the purpose of a system to broaden their understanding in the big scheme of things within the power plant, the "how" of the system is what makes the system work to perform its intended function.  His wide-ranging knowledge of the different systems within a power plant gave Mike the opportunity to travel to other non-Duke plants as a consultant to ensure system readiness after the NRC shut down these plants.  After his retirement in June 2001, he joined the staff of HPC as their E&I Training Specialist, who provides training Seminars on steam turbines, generators, electrical operating systems, protective systems, etc.  Mike currently functions as a close associate to HPC and resides near Greenville SC.

Doughty, Robert
Mr. Doughty has more than 30 years of experience in start up, maintenance and operation of both large and small turbine-generators.  Bob started his career as a power plant instrumentation technician while he completed his BS degree in Engineering Technology (1976) at the University of Houston.  He has worked as a start up and field engineer for one of the major turbine-generator OEM's and as a consulting engineer, supporting the initial operation of two nuclear fueled power plants.  He also was the field-engineering supervisor with overall responsibility for construction testing, initial start up and operations of a 600 MW coal fired generating plant.  Later, as an employee of one of the larger independent turbine-generator service corporations, he worked as a start up and maintenance engineer on turbine-generators of all sizes from nearly all the major manufacturers.  His most recent position (1999) as the President of Turbine Services, Inc., located in suburban Pittsburgh PA, has allowed him to continue to provide on site technical direction, start up and controls adjustments for several major turbine inspections in the range of 35 to 835 MW.  He is experienced in electro-hydraulic and mechanical governor control systems and turbine valve and control system up-grades.  Bob is a member of ASME and resides near Pittsburg PA.

Dyer, Glen
Mr. Dyer has 30+ years experience as an engineer employed by Westinghouse and specializing in the 150# and 300# steam turbine control systems.  Bob has performed some recent consulting assignments for HPC in dealing with troubleshooting these turbine control systems.  He also has significant experience in the operation of this type equipment.

Eiss, Kim
Ms. Eiss is an independent consultant with over 25-years experience of providing generator test, inspection and repair services.  Her experience base includes all major manufacturers, including working for GE Power Generation Services for 20-years.  She resides in Punta Gorda, FL.

Wenchus, Mark
Twenty (20) years of construction, on-site management, marketing and sales including on-site assembly of new and refurbished electrical generating machinery, technical sales, application engineering and project management.  Includes ten (10) years technical direction, supervisory and hands-on experience and ten (10) years specialized marketing and consulting and Siemens Power Corporation and Voith Hydro.  Mr. Wenckus, using his 20 years of experience, has provided customized services to clients in order to meet their individual needs.  He provides training in the area of hydroelectric power.  Mr. Wenckus is the owner of Wenckus Energy and provides electrical energy producers, equipment manufacturers, consultants and service companies with experienced assistance in the areas of field engineering, business development and negotiating and upgrade and rehabilitation application engineering.

Elrod, Dana
Mr. Elrod has near 30-years experience in operating large electrical power plant facilities.  From 1979 thru 2000, Dana was employed by MidAmerican Energy Company in Council Bluffs IA.  Positions held include that of Operations Superintendent, Shift Supervisor, Training & Safety Supervisor and Environmental Specialist.  From 1974 thru 1979 Mr. Elrod was employed as an Environmental Specialist for the State of Iowa Department of Environmental Quality.  Mr. Elrod holds a BS in Management from Drake University, 1985 and currently resides in Missouri.

Taillon, Jim, Vice-President AGT Services Inc., Amsterdam NY
Jim is co-owner and co-founder of AGT Services, a company specializing in large generator repair, in the late 1990’s.  Jim has 40 years experience in repair and troubleshooting of large generators.  This 40 years has been spent as an engineer in the Generator Availability Engineering Group with GE in Schenectady, NY, and servicing the after-market.  AGT Services website is www.agtservices.com.  Jim co-instructs our Advanced Generator Maintenance Seminar, now held annually in January at a Sarasota FL location.

Fasser, Stuart
Mr. Fasser earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Union College, Schenectady, NY, in 1967. He retired in 2002 after 37 years of service with the General Electric Company including an early career in factory and field-testing of power generation equipment and concluded with 10 years of field engineering in the installation and service of excitation systems. As a field engineer assigned to GE International he installed new GE excitation systems on both gas and steam driven turbine-generators as well as trouble shooting and maintaining existing installations. His most recent installations included twenty-one EX2000 exciters on units in Egypt, Thailand, Korea and the United States. In these assignments he was responsible for installation of the exciters as well as their check-out and start-up. These activities included component checks, initial calibration, pre-roll simulation of operation and both off-line and on-line alignment and check-out.  Stuart resides in Rhode Island.

Fleming, Bob
Provides support in electrical engineering topical areas.  Specifically instructs HPC voltage regulator Seminars such as the Westinghouse WTA, WMA, and WDR Exciters.   Up until mid-2004 Bob was employed by TCSA and was responsible for developing voltage regulator upgrades, troubleshooting system problems, calibrating WTA/PRX systems as well as Basler systems.   From 1969 thru 1996 Mr. Fleming worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Power Generation Service Division.  Here he was a Generator/Exciter Specialist with extensive experience with installation, testing, rewinds and repairs of generators from 1-MW to 1500-MW.  He resides in the greater Pittsbugh PA area.  As a Voltage Regulator Specialist Bob was: Lead Project Engineer for excitation systems from 1990 to 1996 - Main contact for all voltage regulator and static exciter projects - Estimating and preparing bid specifications for installation and service - Developing and conducting training programs - Developing field procedures - Placed first WTA in service in 1969 - Placed first MGR in service in 1990 - Placed first WDR2000 in service in 1993.

Fox, Leonard
Mr. Fox has approximately 20 years experience working in the electrical field.  In his earlier career he worked for several manufacturers of power transformers where he was involved in the installation, checkout and troubleshooting of said transformers.  Later in his career he became involved in the inspection of property to ensure safety and code requirements have been met.  Over the past few years, Mr. Fox has started to teach some of HPC’s electrical maintenance Seminars.  Mr. Fox resides in Bradenton FL.

Hale, Jim
Mr. Hale has extensive experience in management, quality assurance, and environmental performance and compliance.  He served as project manager for several major projects.  At Framatome-ANP/DE&S he was General Manager, Operations and Maintenance.  Prior to this assignment he was Director, Performance Improvement, Johnson Controls Northern New Mexico, a LLC partially owned by Duke Engineering & Services (DE&S). He was President of Flo Trend Systems, Inc., a DE&S Company.  In addition, he served on the Board of Directors of Fort Drum Cogeneration Partners, the operating company for a cogeneration facility in upstate New York.  He has been instrumental in several re-engineering projects and has a proven record of cost reductions and organization optimization.  Jim resides in North Carolina.

Colon, Ernesto
Ernesto received his BSME from Purdue University. Ernesto then joined GE Power Systems on their Field Engineering Training program. Graduating from that program, he was involved in the start-up, operation and maintenance of Combustion and Steam Turbines. He concentrated on both Mechanical and Electro Hydraulic Control Systems and eventually, based on his diverse experience on Combustion and Steam Turbines he was called upon to instruct customer’s Electrical and Instrumentation personnel on the GE Turbine Controls. Ernesto brings over 23 years of hands on experience with extensive experience with control installations, start-up and commissioning of GE’s Quiet Combustor, DLN 1, DLN 2 and IGCC. He is also familiar with OEM controls, such as: WDPF, GE MK IV, MK V and Bailey. Has extensive knowledge and on-hands troubleshooting experience with both MHC and BOP controls logic controls. Ernesto resides near Tampa, Florida.

Hinch, Art
Mr. Hinch as worked in the Power Generation industry for 30+ years. During the 1974-1980 period, Mr. Hinch was employed by GE and was responsible for the installation of multiple large steam turbine generators (fossil and nuclear) and for multiple steam and gas turbine generator outages. To 1992 Mr. Hinch worked as an independent consultant in the south and southwestern regions. During this time frame he worked many turbine-generator outages on GE, Westinghouse, and Siemens units. In addition he worked the start up of a 1300-MW turbine generator unit. In 1992 Art signed on with Arkansas Nuclear One as a senior engineer in the turbine group where he worked primarily in the planning and implementing of turbine generator outages (GE and Westinghouse units). In 2003, Art accepted an early retirement package and has again functioned as an independent engineer, an associate of HPC Technical Services. In this capacity Art has worked multiple steam turbine generator outages on a variety of manufacturers as well as being primary instructor on a number of Seminars that HPC offers.  Art resides in NW Arkansas.