B101 - Process Plant Boiler Fundamentals

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2 days - 1.3 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 1,295.00

Today, more than ever, the need for qualified boiler operators is essential for safe and productive operation. In our existing plants we are at a point where many of our operators are nearing the retirement age. To add to that the increase in construction of alternative fuels plants and power plants to meet future needs is unprecedented. Each of these plants relies on steam to produce their product. For this reason many plants are forced to hire less experienced personnel. This Seminar is designed for this type of individual to help him/her understand the importance of safe reliable operation of the plants boiler. It is important for the employer to know that all employees have the basic understanding of the equipment and operation needed for a safe and productive plant operation. This Seminar will give the employee that understanding.

Upon successful completion of this Seminar the participant should be able to:
  1. Identify and describe the different classifications of boilers.
  2. Describe the thermodynamic changes that take place in a boiler.
  3. Identify how heat transfers take place in a boiler.
  4. Identify and locate the various safety devices on a boiler.
  5. Explain the difference between sensible and latent heat.
  6. Describe how combustion affects efficiency.
  7. Identify the special needs for different types of fuels.
  8. Describe the various types of draft systems used in boilers.

  1. Boiler Theory and Operation: Steam Boilers, Basic Systems, Operating Theories, Calculations
  2. Boiler Construction and Design: Materials, Fabrication, Repairs, Calculations
  3. Steam Systems and Controls: Superheat, Steam Quality Control, Steam Accessories, Calculations
  4. Water Supply Systems and Controls: Water Columns, Alarms, Pumps, Calculations
  5. Water Treatment Systems and Controls: Deaerators, Water Treatment, Blowdowns, Calculations
  6. Fuel Systems and Controls: Fuel Equipment, Controls, Flue Gas Analysis, Calculations
  7. Draft and Flue Gas Systems: Draft, Pollution Control Systems, Stack Analysis, Calculations
  8. Boiler Operation and Maintenance: Operating Procedures, Operating in Emergencies, Classes of Fires, Inspection and Maintenance