Steam Turbine Mechanical Technician Certification Program

This certification program is designed to parallel (or even improve upon) the Technician / Representative Programs offered by the OEM to new and previously experienced employees. The primary discipline is directed toward large utility steam turbines.

This Steam Turbine Mechanical Technician Certification Program was designed by Mr. Harold Parker.  Mr. Parker's career (in addition to that of a Field and Start-Up Engineer) included assignments at GE's Field Engineering Development  (Training) Center in Niskayuna, NY.  His positions included that of Training Specialist, Supervisor – Steam Turbine Generators and Manager – Advanced Training Programs.

This Steam Turbine Mechanical Technician Certification Program is instructed by personnel (HPC associates) who are products of advanced OEM developmental programs, and/or graduates of the HPC Technical Services' programs, and have an appropriate level of experience given the selected topic.  It is further recommended the certification program graduate regularly attend other steam turbine related seminars, at a rate of 2.0 CEU every three years, at a minimum.

Required Seminars:

*HPC Seminar substitutes:

Other Seminars qualified for maintaining certification:

Certification for any particular Seminar is accomplished by:

  • Attending the HPC Seminar (or equivalent).  To be equivalent the Seminar objectives must reasonably compare and 3rd party authorized CEU’s must be evidenced.
  • Completing an examination, testing the Seminar objectives as outlined in HPC’s Seminar, with an 80% passing requirement (exam cost is US$50 plus S&H fees, exam is “free” when taking an HPC Seminar).