HPC Technical Services has taken system descriptions to the next level and is excited to intoduce the POWER-DOC!!

  • Interactive System Description with images of your equipment,
  • Interactive, colorized P&ID making it much easier to read / follow and is a definite plus when tracing system piping and/or troubleshooting a system problem,
  • Interactive Alarm Response Manual, and
  • Interactive Instrument Loop Diagram


First, HPC writes an equipment-specific system description, add images of your equipment, and includes your P&ID completely redrawn in color.  This colorized version has the same detail as the original drawings and is a definite plus when tracing system piping and/or troubleshooting system problems.

Now comes the "Interactive" part.  HPC adds links to the P&ID, images, and system description to allow the user to jump back and forth within the Power-Doc.

The resulting Power-Doc is a great tool for operating/troubleshooting each system.

Imagine!  An alarm occurs in the control room.  Operations personnel open the Power-Doc, select the appropriate Alarm Title, and operations immediately views a list of probable causes and probable operator responses.  Need more information?  Select the P&ID on the screen and go immediately to a highlighted P&ID of the system in question.  Need more information on the instrument that serves as the alarm source?  Select the instrument on the P&ID and see an Instrument Loop Diagram that shows the instrument, the wiring, and calibration data.  Where relevant, a photograph of the instrument is shown as well.  All of this is developed by personnel with significant equipment O&M experience!

 Let's recap:
  • You get fresh, clear images of YOUR equipment
  • A simplified (no lawyer-ease), easy-to-read system description
  • A great looking NEW P&ID
  • An easy access, computer based system operating & troubleshooting tool