M310-Packaged Boiler O&M

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2 days - 1.3 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 995.00

What You Will Learn:
  • The various types of boilers utilized in the industry.
  • The difference between watertube and firetube boilers.
  • The calculations for temperature and pressure.
  • How boilers are constructed.
  • Shop math, the math needed to calculate areas and square footage.
  • How to remove moisture from steam.
  • Why water level is so important in boiler operation.
  • How to maintain good water chemistry for boiler longevity.
  • The various types of fuels used in today’s boilers.
  • How air can affect boiler efficiency.
  • Good operating procedures to follow.
  • What to look for during a boiler inspection.
Topical OUTLINE:
  1. Boiler theory and operation: Steam boilers, basic systems, operating theories, and calculations.
  2. Boiler construction and design: Materials, fabrication, repairs, and calculations.
  3. Steam systems and controls: Superheat, steam quality control, and steam accessories.
  4. Water treatment systems and controls: Deaerators, water treatment, and blowdowns.
  5. Fuel systems and controls: Fuel equipment, controls, and flue gas analysis.
  6. Draft and flue gas systems: Draft, pollution control systems, and stack analysis.
  7. Boiler operation and maintenance: Operating procedures, operating in an emergency, causes of fires, and inspection and maintenance.