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USD 1,695.00

This course targets the need for technicians/engineers to operate, maintain, calibrate and troubleshoot control systems such that availability and reliability can be maximized. It has been HPC’s experience that when plant personnel have a control system problem and they seek help (for example, using HPC services) that the reason plant personnel had this problem troubleshooting was one of twoexplanations:

1.        Lack of understanding of the “big picture”, that is how the various control functions relate to oneanother.

2.        Lake of understanding of how to use the tools that are available to troubleshoot theproblem.

The overall benefit of this course is that the participant will walk away with this knowledge. This is accomplished by thoroughly understanding concepts of steam turbine control systems and how to use maintenance screens to quickly determine problems.

We are reminded that the steam turbine is the important asset. The Ovation control system is the human-machine-interface (HMI). This control system must be calibrated and maintained with the steam turbine-generator kept in mind. HPC approaches this course in this manner. As seen by the course objectives, particular attention is given to the development of control systems important to the operation of a steamturbine.

Topical Outline includes: Turbine Fundamentals, Turbine Control Concepts, Ovation Fundamentals and Hardware, Software Installation, HMI Documentation, Architecture, Blockware Concepts and Architecture, Blockware Functions, Introduction to the Software, Speed/Load Control, Protection Systems, Alarm Troubleshooting, Valve Position Control & LVDT Calibration, Sequencing Editing Validation / Build / Download, Adding Analog I/O, Adding Contact I/O, Forcing Signals, Changing Control Constants, Data Historian, Trending, Trip History. For BWR participants we add Pressure and Bypass Valve Control I/O andAlgorithms


Course typically 8-days in length (10-days on BWR sites). Can be adjusted per plant needs.



1.        1 copy of HPC Technical Services' textbook, (Ovation) Steam Turbine Controls, drafted by HaroldParker.

2.        A Certificate ofCompletion