G709 - Advanced Generator Reliability Improvement & Troubleshooting Seminar

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4.5 days - 2.6 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 2,895.00

When: Aug 6-10, 2018
Where: Columbus, OH
When it comes to your generator there is no such thing as a small problem!!
This 4.5-day seminar was developed out of the recognition of the need for plant personnel to improve overall reliability and availability by being better able tro ubleshoot generator problems; including those encountered during operation, and those encountered during maintenance outages.In the total of 100++ years of experience of our presenters, we know we can save time and $$$ by more effecti vely solving these O&M problems. It is the belief of all our presenters that we all gain by the presentation of this seminar (that is why they volunteered to make these presentations). The participant gains as he/she gains honest technical information. We gain as we know the participant will remember who provided this honest presentation when it comes time where engineering or training services are needed. We all benefit. Read more, and we will see you in Columbus OH this August.

  1. Given a major event such as negative phase sequence curre nts, motoring, accidental energization, or loss of synchronism; learn the major risks associated with thoseevents, relay actions, things to investigate, and actions to take. Perhaps more importantly, learn what can we do to prevent the occurrence.
  2. Given a stator or field ground; learn the major risks associated with those events, on-line troubleshooting possibilities, off-line troubleshooting actions, and solutions.
  3. Given a change in vibration trends, learn to evaluate (based upon recorded data) what might be the probable causes and actions to be taken.
  4. Given the potential of a shorted turn, learn to properly use detection equipment; the flux probe and RSO.
  5. Learn about generator seal oil systems operational problems, solutions, modifications, tests often performed.
  6. Learn about generator hydrogen systems operational problems, solutions, modifications, tests often performed.
  7. Learn about generator stator liquid cooling systems; operational problems, solutions, modifications, tests often performed. Special attention is given the monitoring  evaluation of liquid cooled stator bars.
  8. Partial Discharge is the latest buzzword. Learn what is partial discharge, how to collect data, and what to do with the data collected.
  9. Generator Condition Monitors are an accepted instrument in large hydrogen cooled units. Learn how the instrument works, what can be done to ensure the GCM continues to provide quality information to troubleshoot generator operational problems.
  10. Learn to better protect operating generators with the latest in protective relay technology (discussion is not on the relay technology, but instead the intended result).
  11. Learn more about evaluating and troubleshooting stator winding vibration issues.
  12. Learn how the use of documentation can lessen the probability of operational error and improve planning of upcoming outages.
  • When it comes to your generator, there is no such thing as a "minor" problem.There are three major categories of managing a generator at a power plant: Operational Procedures, Troubleshooting & Problem Solving, and Maintenance. This seminar addresses the middle topic with minor carryover forward and after.
  • Generator Alarms never occur at a convenient moment.Be prepared! Better understand troubleshooting options, risks, and corrective actions.
  • Generators are the most "taken-for-granted" component in the powerhouse–until things go wrong! Be prepared! Understand (for example) the reasons grounds occur, what can be done to minimize their occurrence, how to troubleshoot, and evaluate +/- of actions to be taken.
  • All PRESENTERS have considerable experience and are known to provide an honest, open discussion

This seminar has been designed for Operations Superintendents,Maintenance Superintendents, Supervisors,Engineers, and others with responsibility for generator operation. Attendance will provide the attendee with a thorough understanding of design, operations, and evaluation generator O&M issues. This seminar is for those who want serious discussion of their generating units!

  1. 3-ring binder with printed color copies of the presenters’Power Point presentations
  2. Certificate of completion
  3. Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and afternoon snack
  4. Get-Acquainted Dinner and open bar on Monday evening
TOPICAL OUTLINE (subject to change):

  • Registration
  • Welcome / Introductions - Stephen Parker, HPC Technical Services
  • Generator Design & Construction - National Electric Coil
  • Lunch
  • Understanding Generator Performance Curves - Harold Parker, HPC Technical Services
  • Protecting Your Generator - Wayne Hartmann, Beckwith Electric
  • Get Acquainted Dinner
  • Solving Stator Winding Problems - Mike Bresney, AGT Services
  • Diagnosing Stator Winding PD Issues - Greg Stone, IRIS Power
  • Lunch
  • Reducing Stator End Winding Vibration - Marc Bissonnette, VibroSystM
  • Understanding Bump Testing & Improving Winding Dynamics - Tom Cunningham, EME
  • Open Discussion
  • Analyzing Vibration Trends on an In-Service Generator - Ron Rubrecht, Turbine Diagnostic Services
  • Detecting Rotor Shorted Turns - Dave Albright, Generatortech
  • Lunch
  • Preventing Stator Core Failures - Steve Kilmartin, Environment One
  • Responding to Generator Emergencies - Howard Moudy, National Electric Coil
  • Open Discussion
  • Why is There Oil in My Generator? - Russ Chetwynd, National Electric Coil
  • Cooling Water Chemistry Problems & Solutions - Thomas Bauer, SvoBaTech
  • Lunch
  • Hydrogen Gas Dryer Reliability Issues & Fast Gas Purging - Lectrodryer
  • Solving Collector Ring Problems - Mike Bresney, AGT Services
  • Open Discussion
  • Brushless Exciter Failure Prevention - National ElectricCoil
  • Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis Techniques - Harold Parker, HPC Technical Services
  • Final Discussion and Wrap Up
         Hotel TBA
         Columbus, Ohio, USA

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