Steam Turbine Operation Practices & Alarm Response (In Color)

Authored by Harold Parker

When things go wrong, with respect to steam turbine operations, they go wrong quickly! Learn fundamental operations, what is considered to be normal, and preventive operating practices. Knowing this, we can now better assess alarm conditions by understanding the alarm source, the probable results and actions to be taken.

TOPICAL OUTLINE: Review of Steam Turbine Operating Theory and Components, Auxiliary Systems, Thermal Stress, TSI, Turbine Control Concepts, Normal Operation, Failure Modes, and Abnormal Operations. The discussion on Normal Operation is to include Methods of Prewarming, Starting and Loading Instructions, Load Change Considerations, and Normal Shutdowns. The discussion on Abnormal Operation is to include: Eccentricity Issues, Packing Rubs, Effect of Synchronizing Errors, Lube Oil Problems during Startup, Water Induction (an in-depth discussion), Overspeed (Normal, Emergency and Destructive), Vibration Trends as a Telltale of Operational Problems, Differential Expansion Issues, Effects of Frequency Deviation, Vacuum Breaking, High Exhaust Hood Temperatures, Over Pressure/Temperature at Inlet, and Feedwater Heater Removal 

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