TG408 - Turbine Water Induction Awareness

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2 days - 1.3 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 1,595.00

Learn to avoid the possibility of experiencing a water induction incident. This Seminar reviews the latest ASME recommendations in detail; to include power plant design, instrumentation for detection, and operator action. Class presentation includes some relevant case studies that demonstrate just how quickly we can get ourselves in trouble if operating recommendations are not followed.

This Seminar is recommended for engineers, shift supervisors, operation superintendents, watch engineers.


  1. Describe recommended design practices that have been intiated to protect turbine equipment from water induction.
  2. To list instrumentation typically available for detection of a water induction event.
  3. Given an alarm situation, describe what corrective action should be taken and why.
  4. Describe what type(s) of damage might occur as a result of water induction.

Seminar OUTLINE:

  1. Introduction
  2. Turbine Damage Resulting from Water Induction: Thrust Bearing Failure, Damaged Buckets, Thermal Cracking, Rub Damage, Permanent Warping / Distortion
  3. Design Recommendations: Extraction Systems, Boilers and Main Steam Leads, Reheat Steam Leads, Attemperators, Steam Seals, Other
  4. Incidents
  5. Detecting the Presence of Water: Water Detection Thermocouples, Thrust Bearing Wear Detector, BOP Issues
  6. Operation to Minimize Damage: Quantity of Water, Steam Flow, Speed
  7. Operating Recommendations: Extraction System, Boilers, Attemperators, Steam Seals
  8. Testing Recommendations
  9. Case Study