TG511 - (GE) UT70 Feed Pump Turbine Controls

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2 days - 1.3 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 1,995.00

The intent of this presentation is to familiarize mechanics, technicians and engineers with the design, operations, and maintenance of the (GE) UT-70 Mechanical Hydraulic Controlled Feed Pump Turbines.
Upon completion of this Seminar the participant will be able to:
  1. Describe the major components of a feed pump turbine.
  2. List and describe the usage of all required drawings and support documents required for system calibration.
  3. Describe the relationship between speed control and flow control.
  4. Describe the operation of typical hydraulic relays found in the UT70 control system
  5. Demonstrate the ability to interpret information from the control and lever diagrams.
  6. Explain all necessary adjustments required on turbine related parts.
  7. Using the Governing Diagram, the Control Line Up Diagram, and the UT70 Lever Diagram and Setting Instructions, list and describe the steps required in the line up and calibration of the control system.
  8. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to troubleshoot routine problems.
Seminar OUTLINE:
  1. Introduction
  2. Feed Pump Turbine Fundamentals and Auxiliaries
    1. Design Data
    2. Shells, Rotors and Valves
    3. Lubrication System
    4. Steam Seal System
  3. Basic Principles of Speed Governing
    1. Elementary Speed Control
    2. Speed Regulation
    3. Speed Setting Function
    4. Hydraulic Relays
    5. Speed Governing System using Hydraulic Relays
  4. Description of Prolop UT70-15 and UT70-30 Turbine Arrangements
    1. General Feed Pump Turbine Applications
    2. Prolop MHC Arrangement
    3. UT-70 MHC Turbine Arrangement
  5. Description of UT70-15 MHC Control System
    1. General
    2. Speed Control System
    3. Speed Setting System
    4. Controls Diagram
    5. Trip Valves Function
    6. Overspeed Governor
    7. Thrust Bearing Wear Trip Device
    8. Zero Speed Indicator
    9. Hydraulic Low Vacuum Trip Device
    10. Trip and Reset Mechanism
  6. Operating Cylinder and Air Motor Friction Lag Limits
    1. Operating Cylinders
    2. Secondary Operating Cylinder Connected to Valve Gear
    3. Air Motors
    4. Pressure Tap Locations for Operating Cylinder Lag Tests
    5. Travel vs. Travel Lag Checks
    6. Troubleshooting to Correct Friction and Lost Motion
  7. Explanation of UT70 Lever Diagram with MGU-MSC Speed Setting System
  8. Explanation of UT70 Lever Diagram with Air Motor - MSC Speed Setting System
  9. Sequence of Lever Setting Instructions
  10. Seminar Conclusion