TG510 - (GE) MDT20/80 Feed Pump Turbine Controls

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2 days - 1.3 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 1,995.00

This Seminar is designed to familiarize the participant with the design and operation of a mechanical drive turbine and the control system. Upon Seminar completion, it is intended that the participant be able to maintain and troubleshoot this control system such that unit availability and reliability are positively affected. Typical mechanical drive turbine applications include boiler feed pump drives and compressor drives.
This Seminar is recommended for electrical maintenance supervisors / superintendents, I&C technicians and engineers. It is also recommended that participants bring with them control system schematics for classroom use and study.
On-site presentations make specific use of that site's prints and schematics throughout the Seminar presentation.  Where examinations are required, the site presentation is recommended to be 2.5 days minimum.
Upon completion of this Seminar the participant will be able to:
  1. Describe the major components of a feed pump turbine.
  2. Given the governing diagram, describe the operation of the following system components:
    1. Servo Valve
    2. Pilot Valve and LVDT
    3. Operating Cylinder and LVDT
    4. Control Valve Linkage
    5. LP Stop and Control Valves
    6. HP Stop and Control Valve
  3. List and describe the usage of all required drawings and support documents required for system calibration.4.      
  4. Explain the operation and be able to describe the processing of signals in the following sections:
    1. Operator and Pilot Valve Position Feedback
    2. Hydraulic Servo Amplifier Output
    3. Signal Converter
    4. Signal Memory Function
    5. Redundant Speed Pickups
    6. Speed Pickup Monitoring
    7. Speed Feedback, Speed and Valve List Reference Summation
    8. Power Supplies
    9. Power Supply Monitoring
    10. Low Speed Switch
    11. 105% Lockout
    12. Tachometer Indicators
  5. Explain all necessary adjustments required on turbine related parts.
  6. Using the Governing Diagram, the Control Line Up Diagram, and the MDT-20/80 Governor Setting Instructions, list and describe the steps required in the line up and calibration of the control system.
Seminar OUTLINE:
  1. Feed Pump Turbine Fundamentals and Auxiliaries
    1. Design Data
    2. Shells, Rotors and Valves
    3. Lubrication System
    4. Steam Seal System
  2. MDT Overview
  3. Valving
    1. Stop Valves
      1. LPSV Operation, Instrumentation, and Test Circuit
      2. HPSV
    2. Control Valves and Valve Operating Cylinders
      1. Operation
      2. Instrumentation
  4. Hydraulic Servo Amplifier and Pilot Valve Position
    1. Circuit Function
    2. Overview
    3. Circuit Description
    4. Adjustment and Checks
  5. Signal Converter
    1. Circuit Function
    2. Overview
    3. Circuit Description
    4. Adjustment and Checks
  6. Signal Memory Function
    1. Circuit Function
    2. Overview
    3. Circuit Description
    4. Adjustment and Checks
  7. Redundancy Speed Pickup Feedback, Speed Summation and Valve Lift
    1. Circuit Function
    2. Overview
    3. Circuit Description
    4. Adjustment and Checks
  8. Speed Pickup Failure Monitoring
    1. Circuit Function
    2. Overview
    3. Circuit Description
    4. Adjustment and Checks
  9. Low Speed Switch, 105% Lockout, and Tachometer Indicators
    1. Circuit Function
    2. Overview
    3. Circuit Description
    4. Adjustment and Checks
  10. Hydraulic Trip System
    1. Component Description
      1. Trip Relay Valve
      2. Trip Valve
      3. Reset Device
      4. Lockout Valve
      5. Emergency Governor
    2. Test Sequence
    3. Thrust Bearing Wear Trip
    4. Vacuum Trip
    5. Electrical Trip Logic
  11. Power Supplies
    1. Function
    2. Circuit Description
    3. Checks and Adjustments
Recent Client List:
  • AmerenUE - Callaway Nuclear Station, Fulton MO
  • Consumers Energy - JH Campbell Station, West Olive MI
  • Dayton Power & Light - JM Stuart Station, Aberdeen OH
  • Duke Energy
  • First Energy Corporation - Perry Nuclear Power Station, Perry OH
  • Great River Energy - Coal Creek Station, Underwood ND
  • MidAmerican Energy - Neal Station, Sioux City IA
  • Northern States Power - Sherburne County Station, Becker MN
  • Orlando Utilities - CH Stanton Energy Center, Orlando FL
  • PS New Hampshire - Seabrook Nuclear Power Station, Seabrook NH
  • Southern Nuclear Operations - Plant Vogtle Nuclear Station, Waynesboro GA
  • Texas Municipal Power Agency - Gibbons Creek Station, Bryan TX
This Seminar was most recently conducted at Plant Vogtle (summer 2003). The following is an unsolicited comment made by one of the attending I&C Technicians, Joe has 18 years experience at this plant: "Perfect Instructor! Harold does a great job. I was already proficient on the MDT20 and I have gained even more experience & knowledge!

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