TG505 - (W) AEH Steam Turbine Controller

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10 days - 6.4 Continuing Education Units Awarded

On Site Only

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Control system reliability can be a matter of skilled routine maintenance activity and proficient troubleshooting capability.  Availability and reliability can be affected by the quality of service performed by maintenance personnel.  This Seminar is specifically directed to assist these personnel in the accomplishment of this important goal.
Learn to use effective routine maintenance and calibration procedures.  Learn what checks can be performed on-line and how to safely perform these checks.  By understanding the major signal control paths (and the “big picture”) you will increase the likelihood of accurate problem analysis.  Learn how to quickly determine whether the problem is likely electrical, mechanical or hydraulic.
Topics include: Turbine Steam Valves and Actuator • System Operation • EH Fluid• Auto Stop • Speed Control • Load Control • Tracking • Throttle Valve Control • Governor Valve Control • OPC, LDA, AGG • Servo Amplifiers • Trip System • Card and System Calibration • Troubleshooting
HPC is prepared to instruct this Seminar as developed by equipment-experienced instructors. Troubleshooting experience is given. The instructional experience is unmatched. The dedication to our accomplishing stated Seminar objectives are a matter of policy.  The Seminar is recommended for Engineers and E&I Technicians.

At the successful completion of this Seminar the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate the ability to code and read AEH Controller drawings
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to calibrate the Controller
  3. Demonstrate the knowledge needed to logically use Flow Charts to identify and isolate problems
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to rewire Controller circuits
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge to calibrate P/C cards
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to replace P/C cards (on and off-line)
Seminar OUTLINE:
  1. Introduction to Seminar
  2. Steam Turbine flow Chart
    1. Steam path
    2. Steam control valves
    3. EH high-pressure control oil
    4. Transducer identification
    5. AEH controller interface
  3. Control and Lube Oil System
    1. EH Reservoir assembly
      1. Pumps
      2. Filters
      3. Pressure switches and indicators
      4. Unloading and relief valves
      5. Fluid level switches and indicators
      6. Temperature switch and indicator
      7. Heat exchangers
      8. Drain lines and accumulators
    2. High-pressure accumulators
    3. Valve block assemblies
      1. Governor
      2. Throttle
      3. Interceptor
      4. Reheat stop
    4. Auxiliary governor and emergency trip block
    5. Interface valve
    6. Lube oil system interface
      1. Trip block assembly
      2. Protective devices
  4. AEH controller block diagram
    1. Automatic control digital logic
    2. Analog speed control
      1. Throttle valve control
      2. Transfer control
      3. Governor valve control
    3. Analog load control
      1. Speed feedback and regulation
      2. Load feedback
    4. Manual mode digital logic
    5. Analog tracking logic
    6. Test point logic
  5. Operator Control and indicator Panels
    1. Automatic operation
    2. Manual control
    3. Limits and inhibits
    4. Indicators
    5. Logical troubleshooting
  6. AEH Controller Logic Flow Chart
    1. Digital logic
      1. Switches and contact closures
      2. NAND gate logic
      3. Counters
      4. Comparators
      5. Tracking logic
    2. Analog logic
      1. Frequency to analog converters
      2. Digital to analog converter
      3. Operational amplifiers
      4. Analog Switches
      5. Servo card logic
  7. AEH controller system logic
    1. Operator automatic logic
      1. Remote automatic mode
      2. Operator manual mode
      3. Protective modes
  8. Double-Ended Wire and String List
    1. Connector location and identification
    2. Printed circuit card location and identification
    3. Signal name identification
    4. Wire terminal points
  9. AEH Controller Wiring Diagrams
    1. Signal interface Connections
    2. Circuit tracing
    3. Printed circuit card
      1. Location
      2. Logic
      3. Identification
      4. Calibration
    4. Digital and analog logic
    5. Code all diagram circuit logic for fast and accurate troubleshooting and problem solving solutions
  10. AEH Controller Inspection
    1. Printed circuit card identification and location
    2. Check and record program and patch plug changes
    3. Check and record maintenance panel values
      1. Pot settings
      2. Switch Settings
      3. Test point voltages
  11. Seminar Review