OP316 - Protective Relays for Operators

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3 days - 1.9 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 1,795.00

This Seminar was designed for plant operators who require a solid understanding of the purpose and application of power plant protective relays. The attendees are guided through a discussion on each type of protective relay found in the plant. This discussion is then reinforced by looking at each major piece of electrical equipment in the plant and discussing:
What types of protection are needed and why.
Which protective relays are appropriate to provide the needed protection?
The damaging affects of no protection or faulty protection.
Finally, analyzing the protective relaying schemes for several different plants further reinforces the concepts discussed. We encourage the attendees to bring the one-line electrical diagram(s) showing the protective relays used at their plant. This is a great way to ensure the attendee understands the purpose and application of all the protective relays at his/her plant!
At the completion of this Seminar, the attendee will be able to:
  1. Explain the purpose of a protective relay.
  2. Describe the different types of relays available.
  3. Discuss a basic relay circuit.
  4. Explain the importance of relay coordination.
  5. Discuss current and voltage transformers used in protective relaying schemes.
  6. Discuss a current, voltage, or differential relaying scheme, from the development of a signal to providing a protective function.
  7. Discuss differential relaying and its applications in a power system in protecting generators, transformers, and buses from overloads and faults.
Seminar OUTLINE:
  1. The Purpose and Application of Protective Relays: Protective Relay Applications: The Generic Protective Relay Channel
  2. Protective Relay Fundamentals: Relay Ratings and Definitions, Relay Performance Measures, Power System Protection, Power System Functional Layout, Zones of Protection, Coordinating Principles
  3. Protective Relay Construction: Types of Relays, Electromagnetic, Solid State
  4. Instrument Transformers: Potential Transformers, Current Transformers
  5. Overcurrent Protection: Application, Instantaneous Relays, Time Overcurrent Relays, Overcurrent Relaying Coordination, Solid State Overcurrent Relays
  6. Voltage Relaying: Purpose and Application, Construction and Types
  7. Frequency Relaying: Purpose and Application, Construction, Types
  8. Differential Relaying: The Differential Principle, Differential Circuit Advantages, Generator Differential Protection, Transformer Differential Protection