OP101 - Power Plant Fundamentals

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3 days - 1.9 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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This Seminar targets two specific audiences:
  1. Those personnel who are just entering the power plant industry.  For you, this initial experience can be overwhelming, and this Seminar is designed such at the conclusion the relationship of components to the generation of electrical power will make sense.
  2. Those personnel who have worked at the power plant, perhaps experienced at their jobs, but have a need to put the equipment in perspective.  As an example, it could be maintenance personnel who would appreciate better understanding why this particular pump is so vital to placing the unit in service.
 The Seminar is oriented so it follows the four phases of the steam cycle: Generation, Expansion, Condensation and Feed.  The process as well as machinery is explained.   The result will be a clear understanding of what takes place in a power plant and why.
Topics include: Introduction to Steam Power Plants • Fuels and Combustion • Boilers • Combustion Air • Flue Gas • Ash Handling • Air Pollution Controls • Circulating Water • Steam • Condensate • Feedwater • Turbine • Generator • Gas Turbines • Electrical Distribution • Water Treatment • Industrial Waste
  1. Describe the phases of a basic steam cycle, including; Generation, Expansion, Condensation and Feed
  2. Identify the components in each phase of the basic steam cycle.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the theory of operation of each identified component of the basic steam cycle.
  4. Describe the flow of a drop of water/steam through the cycle and describe what happens in each phase.
  5. List the major mechanical components found in a power plant.
  6. For each listed major components, describe how each component relates to the basic steam cycle.
Power Plant Fundmentals
Seminar OUTLINE:
  1. Overview of the Steam Cycle: Generation, Expansion, Condensation, Feed
  2. Generation Phase: Boiler Theory, Basic Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Properties of Water, Circulation, Types of Boilers, Types of Fuels and Combustion Theory, Saturated and Superheated Steam Tables, Boiler Operation
  3. Expansion Phase: Turbine Theory, Impulse vs. Reaction, Condensing vs. Non-Condensing, Reheat vs. Non-Reheat, Single Flow vs. Multi-Flow, Extraction vs. Non-Extraction, Steam Turbine Operation
  4. Condensation Phase: Condensation Theory, Types of Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Condensate Pumps, Low Pressure Feedwater Heaters, Steam Traps, Make-up Water System
  5. Feed Phase: Feed Pumps, HP Feedwater Heaters, Deaerators, Economizers, Basic Water Chemistry
  6. Connection of the Phases: Trace a Drop Through the Basic Steam Cycle