H304 - Hydro Turbine Generator O&M

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2½ days - 1.6 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 2,195.00

Greater hydro turbine-generator reliability and availability can be achieved by proper operation, maintenance and alignment of your equipment. This Seminar is targeted toward these goals.
The Seminar is directed toward the level of Operation Mechanics, their Supervisors, and Engineers new to this type equipment.
Upon completion of this Seminar the Operation Mechanic should be able to:
  1. Describe how a hydroelectric plant operates.
  2. Describe the major components of a hydroelectric turbine-generator set.
  3. Demonstrate the knowledge required to conduct an alignment of a vertical turbine-generator set.
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to conduct routine outage planning.
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to conduct an inspection of the turbine-generator set.
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to make replace, reuse, repair decisions regarding the hydroelectric turbine generator set.
Seminar OUTLINE:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Hydroelectric Power System
  3. Hydraulic Turbines
  4. Turbine Control System
  5. Generators
  6. Maintenance Principles
  7. Visual Inspection
  8. Alignment Considerations
  9. Alignment of Vertical Shafts
  10. Coupling Alignment
  11. Seminar Conclusion