G530 - (GE) GenerrexTM Excitation System

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5 days - 2.6 Continuing Education Units Awarded


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The overall objective of this (GE) GenerrexTM Excitation System Training Program is to develop the individuals responsible for plant operations, testing, calibration and maintenance of this system.
This Seminar is designed for Engineers, Technicians, and Electricians who have a need to maintain this system.
  1. Learn how the GenerrexTM Excitation System works.
  2. Learn the location and purpose of the major components that make up the GenerrexTM Excitation System.
  3. Learn to interpret alarms and know what corrective action is needed to take in the event of an alarm.
  4. Learn to perform recommended operational tests.
  5. Learn to perform periodical maintenance on the GenerrexTM Excitation System.
  6. Learn to accurately calibrate the GenerrexTM Excitation System utilizing the necessary OEM drawings.
  7. Learn to quickly and safely troubleshoot the GenerrexTM Excitation System if a problem should occur or a component fail within the system.
Seminar OUTLINE:
  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Generator Characteristics and Design Features
  3. Excitation Requirements
  4. Impedance Principles and Reactive Loading
  5. Power Factor and Voltage Regulation
  6. Static Control
  7. Protective Systems
  8. Station One Line Diagram
  9. Print Interpretation and Drawing Practices
  10. Excitation System Alignment Procedures
  11. Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques
GenerrexTM is a registered Trademark of the General Electric Company