CT201 - Combined Cycle Turbine Generator Fundamentals

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4 days - 2.6 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 2,595.00

Reliability and availability of combined cycle power plants can be a matter of skilled routine operations and maintenance activities. Knowledge of the fundamentals is essential. Understanding of the interaction of major components is required. Furthermore, understanding the operating needs of the individual components, stand-alone, may be crucial to satisfactory operation of the machine.
This Seminar targets new combined cycle plant operators and management.
The first step to increased availability and reliability can be attained through attendance at HPC's Combined Cycle-Generators Fundamentals Seminar.
Upon successful completion of this Seminar the participant should be able to:
  1. Describe those thermodynamic principles associated with a combined cycle power plant
  2. Describe the construction and operation of Gas (Combustion) Turbines
  3. Describe the construction and operation of Steam Turbines
  4. Describe the construction and operation of Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  5. Describe the construction and operation of Generators
  6. Describe the major systems associated with Gas (Combustion) Turbine, Steam Turbines and Generators
  7. Describe the sequencing that occurs in a normal startup, synchronization and operation
  8. Describe the different fuel systems and requirements for operation
  9. Describe the components in the Condensate System
  1. Introduction
  2. Thermodynamic Principles
    1. Energy
    2. Laws of Thermodynamics
    3. Water & Steam
    4. Heat Transfers
    5. Combustion Theory
  3. Introduction to Combined Cycle Power Generation
    1. Combined Cycle Fundamental Theory and Operation
    2. Cycle Parameters and The Impact Upon Performance
    3. Benefits of Combined Cycle
    4. Fuels
  4. Gas (Combustion) Turbines
    1. Main Components
    2. Support Systems
    3. Performance & Reliability
  5. Turbine Controls Overview
  6. Generators
    1. Generator Major Components
    2. AC Power Generation
    3. Generator Auxiliary Systems
  7. Heat Recovery Steam Generators
    1. Overview
    2. Function
    3. Principle
    4. Flow Path
    5. Major Components
  8. Steam Turbine
    1. Turbine Principles
    2. Turbine Components
    3. Steam Turbine Auxiliary Systems
    4. Turbine Supervisory Instruments
    5. Starting and Loading Instructions
    6. Turbine Controls
  9. Condensate System
    1. Condensers
    2. Feedwater Heaters
    3. Cooling Towers
  10. Seminar Conclusion