CT422 - Concepts of Gas Turbine Controls

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2 days - 1.3 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 1,795.00

“Concepts of Gas Turbine Controls" is a Seminar designed to provide a working knowledge of combustion turbines and their associated control and protection equipment. Although not the focus of the Seminar, attendees will gain a solid understanding of how power is generated.  Turbine controls system design concepts are the primary focus.  Included in these discussions are Start Up Sequencing, Speed/Load Control, Temperature Control, Emission Controls and CT Protection.  All discussions are conceptual.  It is our intention that the participant understand these topics well enough (conceptually) that they can be readily applied to any combustion turbine operating unit.
Upon successful completion of this Seminar the participant should be able to:
  1. Describe considerations for determining the combustion turbine start sequence.
  2. Describe how combustion turbine controls function off-line.
  3. Describe how combustion turbine controls function on-line and being responsive to grid conditions.
  4. Describe how combustion turbine controls function in temperature control.
  5. Describe emission concerns and differences in approach to minimize emissions.
  6. Describe considerations in determining fuel flow (demand for inlet valve positions).
  7. Describe operation of typical servomechanisms such as the Abex and Moog servo-valves.
  8. Describe typical operational exercises.
  9. Describe typical routine preventive maintenance activities.
  1. Combustion Turbine Fundamentals
  2. Fuel Flow: Gas, Fuel Oil, Split Fuel Operations, Feedback, Servo Mechanisms
  3. Start Up / Shutdown Sequence: Validation of systems, Cranking, Fire Circuits, Speed Circuits, Shutdown
  4. Speed Load Control:  Speed Command, Speed Feedback, Adjustment of Fuel Flow, Load Demand, Auto Synchronizing
  5. Temperature Control:  Definition of terms, Exhaust Temperature Setpoint, Exhaust Temperature Feedback
  6. Emissions:  Water Injection, Steam Injection, DLN
  7. Protective Circuits:  Overspeed, Over Temperature, Loss of Flame, Auxiliaries