B320 - ASME QFO Exam Preparation Seminar

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4 days - 2.6 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 2,395.00

ASME, at the request of the EPA and, in recognition of the needs and benefits associated with standard qualifications of operators of high capacity fossil fuel fired plants, established the Qualifications of High Capacity Fossil Fuel Fired Operator (QFO) Committee in 1994. This committee developed and maintains the Standards for the Qualification and Certification of High Capacity Fossil fuel Fired Plants. The standard itself does not require certification but rather it serves as a means for complying with federal, state, and local regulations which may require operators of fossil fuel fired plants to be certified.

HPC Technical Services offers a training program for operators to prepare for the certification examination. HPC Technical Services has qualified instructors to present a Seminar in preparation for the certification examination. Eventually all states will mandate this QFO Certification for the operators of fossil fuel plants, so don't wait until the last minute. Contact us to set up your QFO Certification Training for Plant Operators.
Training will be given in the following categories:
  • Part 1 - This section addresses general knowledge
  • Part 2 - This section addresses the specific fossil combustion designation:
  • Pulverized Fuel Fired Plants and Cyclone Furnaces
    • Single Burner Oil, Gas, or Combination
    • Multiple Burner Oil, Gas, or Combination
    • Stoker Fired Fossil Plants
    • Fluidized Bed Fossil Plants
    • Auxiliary Fired Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
Contact us today for the training to get your operators certified for your Fossil Fuel Fired Plant. Open Enrollment dates are available or contact us to have training delivered at your plant.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Two (2) years experience in general industry or industrial process. A portion of this experience shall include boiler operations. An associates degree in technical studies or 60 credits of Seminar work from an accredited institution pertaining to a technical degree in the mechanical or environmental engineering field may be substituted for one (1) year of experience.
Intended Audience: Anyone requiring QFO Certification should take this Exam Preparation Seminar.
Upon successful completion of this Seminar the participant should be able to:
  1. Acquire a general knowledge of plant systems and equipment (to include: fundamentals of steam systems, fundamentals of hot water systems, primary and secondary air flow paths and the combustion gas flow path.
  2. Acquire a general knowledge of plant systems equipment operation (to include: monitoring a steam/water circuit, monitoring combustion, combustion efficiency, boiler efficiency, start-up/shut-down procedures, controls and instrumentation, and maintenance programs).
  3. Acquire a general knowledge of combustion quality (to include: proper combustion terms, fossil fuel characteristics, fuel analysis, fundamentals of air/fuel mixtures, and the products of combustion.
  4. Acquire a general knowledge of air pollution control (to include: fundamentals of fuel dependent pollutants and combustion dependent pollutants).
  5. Acquire a general knowledge of EPA Air Emissions (to include: clean air act amendments, performance standards and permitting).
  1. Day 1
    1. Registration
    2. Introduction and pre-test
    3. Water and Steam Circuit
    4. Combustion Gas Circuit
    5. Fossil Fuels
    6. Combustion Principles
    7. Air Pollution Fundamentals
    8. Natural Gas Fired Boilers
    9. Oil Fired Boilers
  2. Day 2
    1. Pulverized Coal Boilers
    2. Stokers
    3. Fluidized Bed Boilers
    4. Gas Turbine with HRSG
    5. Package Boilers
    6. Normal Operation
    7. Instrumentation
    8. Electrical Theory
  3. Day 3
    1. Turbine-Generator
    2. Preventive Maintenance
    3. Safety
    4. Air Pollutants of Concern
    5. Environmental Regulations
    6. CEM Systems
    7. Particulate Control
    8. Nitrogen Oxide Control
  4. Day 4
    1. Sox Control
    2. Water Pollution
    3. Wastewater Treatment
    4. Solid Wastes
    5. Solid Waste Management
    6. Post-test and Seminar Closure
HPC Technical Services uses training materials developed specifically for Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990. This material combined with instructor excellence is the surest way to prepare for this examination.