M105 - Basic Mechanical Skills

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5 days - 3.2 Continuing Education Units Awarded

Scheduled As Needed

This Seminar is directed toward the most fundamental of skills including: Basic Mechanical Tools and Fasteners, Power Tools, Shop Math, Use of Blueprints/Drawings, and Job Planning and related safety issues. This Seminar is very advantageous to new personnel in the mechanical maintenance field.

(Recommended Prerequisites - None)

  1. Safety is objective #1. Learn the safe way to use hand and power tools.
  2. Learn the proper use of metal fasteners for different applications.
  3. The ability to read blueprints and drawings will aid in the basic skills of a maintenance mechanic.
  4. Learn basic shop math that will assist you in performing tasks in the both maintenance and planning.

Enabling Objectives
Upon the successful completion of this Seminar presentation the participants will be able to:
  1. Identify and properly use hand tools
  2. Perform the safe operation of hand tools
  3. Demonstrate the proper use of metal fasteners used in a plant
  4. Perform the proper selection and use of power tools
  5. Understand the safe operation of power tools
  6. Understand the basic math needed to perform maintenance including: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Algebraic Equations
  7. Identify symbols used on blueprints and drawings
  8. Demonstrate the ability to read piping diagrams and machine prints
Seminar Outline
Day 1 - Basic Hand Tools
Day 2 - Power Tools
Day 3 - Shop Math
Day 4 - Blueprint and Drawings
Day 5 - Plant Safety