G709 - Advanced Generator Reliability Improvement & Troubleshooting Seminar

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4.5 days - 2.6 Continuing Education Units Awarded

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USD 2,895.00

When: August 7-11, 2017
Where: Lido Key (Sarasota), FL

Doing more with less money and fewer personnel is the growing challenge for power plant management. This 4.5 day course was developed to bring plant managers, engineering managers, maintenance managers and technical staff up to date on skills needed to better troubleshoot generator problems, including those encountered during operation, and those encountered during maintenance outages. It may also be useful to those operators who desire to know more about what is happening to their generators when performance and efficiency fall off or an alarm or trip happens. With more than 100 years of combined experience among our presenters, from companies leading the Power Industry in various generator technical specialties, attendees will have access to the most up-to-date and practical information they need to develop their own programs of "best practices" for technical problem-solving and realistic budgeting for long-term management their generator assets. Read more, and we will see you in Lido Key (Sarasota), FL.

  1. Learn how the generator is protected with the latest in protective relay technology.
  2. Determine if your generator is safe from a system protection perspective.
  3. Understand the best approach for responding to transient disturbances such as negative sequence currents, motoring events, inadvertent energization, or loss of synchronism. Learn the major risks associated with those events.
  4. Understand how to investigate a stator winding or field winding ground fault indication. Learn the major risks associated with those events, on-line troubleshooting possibilities, off-line troubleshooting actions, and solutions.
  5. Make sure you know how to correctly identify the location of field winding shorted turns (Slot number, pole number, zero crossing, etc.). Understand their effect on rotor vibration and the difference between fossil and nuclear 4 pole rotors.
  6. Learn how to identify a thermally sensitive rotor and what the options are to fix it.
  7. Learn more about the generator seal oil systems; operational problems, solutions, modifications, tests often performed.
  8. Learn more about the generator hydrogen systems; operational problems, solutions, modifications, tests often performed.
  9. Understand stator cooling water chemistry issues that can affect reliability of your water cooled units.
  10. Determine if your units have excessive Partial Discharge levels. Learn how and why PD occurs, methods for collecting data, and the best way to interpret your data and if necessary what actions to take.
  11. Understand the key ways to prevent generator core failures and what are the latest monitoring techniques for ensuring reliable stator core operation.
  12. Understand how stator winding bump tests are done and how to interpret mode shapes, exclusion zones, phase lead damping and more.
  • When it comes to your generator, there is no such thing as a "minor" problem. There are three major categories of managing a generator at a power plant: Operational Procedures, Troubleshooting & Problem Solving, and Maintenance. This seminar addresses the middle topic with minor carryover forward and after.
  • Generator Alarms never occur at a convenient moment. Be prepared! Better understand troubleshooting options, risks, and corrective actions.
  • Generators are the most "taken-for-granted" component in the powerhouse – until things go wrong! Be prepared! Understand (for example) the reason why generator problems occur, what can be done to minimize their occurrence, how to troubleshoot, and evaluate +/- of actions to be taken.
  • All PRESENTERS have considerable experience and are known to provide an honest, open discussion

This seminar has been designed for Plant Managers, Engineering Managers, Maintenance Managers and Technical Staff, as well as Operations Superintendents, Maintenance Superintendents, Supervisors, Engineers, and others with responsibility for generator operation and maintenance. Attendance will provide the attendee with a thorough understanding of design, operations, and evaluation of generator O&M issues. This seminar is for those who want serious discussion of their generating units!
  1. 3-ring binder with printed color copies of the presenters' PowerPoint presentations
  2. Certificate of completion
  3. Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and afternoon snack
  4. Dinner and open bar on Monday evening
  5. Social event Wednesday evening



  • Registration
  • Welcome / Introductions, Stephen Parker, HPC
  • Secrets of Generator Design & Construction - Bill Moore, National Electric Coil
  • Lunch
  • Understanding Generator Performance Curves - Harold Parker, HPC Technical Services
  • Protecting Your Generator - Wayne Hartmann, Beckwith Electric
  • Get Acquainted Dinner


  • Solving Stator Winding Problems - Mike Bresney, AGT Services
  • Diagnosing Stator Winding PD Issues – Greg Stone, IRIS Power
  • Lunch
  • Reducing Stator End Winding Vibration, Marc Bissonnette, Vibrosystm!
  • Understanding Bump Testing & Improving Winding Dynamics, Tom Cunningham, EME


  • Why is My Rotor Thermally Sensitive & What Can I Do About It? - Ron Rubrecht, Turbine Diagnostic Services
  • Detecting Rotor Shorted Turns - Dave Albright, Generatortech
  • Lunch
  • Preventing Stator Core Failures – Steve Kilmartin, Environment One
  • Responding to Generator Emergencies – Howard Moudy, National Electric Coil


  • Why is There Oil in My Generator? - Russ Chetwynd, National Electric Coil
  • Stator Cooling Water Chemistry Problems & Solutions – Thomas Bauer, SvoBaTech
  • Lunch
  • Hydrogen Gas Dryer Reliability Issues & Fast Gas Purging – Blanca Ramirez, Lectrodryer
  • Solving Generator Bushing Issues, Chuck Marino, AGT Services


  • Brushless Exciter & Collector Ring Reliability Issues – Bill Moore, National Electric Coil
  • Root Cause Analysis Techniques - Harold Parker, HPC
  • Final Discussion and Wrap Up


Lido Beach Resort (www.lidobeachresort.com)
700 Benjamin Franklin Drive
Sarasota, FL 34236

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